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31 December 2013


My LJ profile tells me I haven't posted since May 6th (eek), and having not checked my flist since then I don't expect anyone to read this.....but seeing the date reminds me of all that's happened over the past eight months, and New Year's Eve seems a good time to revisit those events.

Since early May of this year I've:

- completed two sprint triathlons, winning my age group both times
- completed an olympic distance triathlon, placing 4th of 13 in my age group
- completed both a 5k and a 4-mile race at ~8min mile pace
- traveled to Vancouver, San Diego, Molokai, London, the Big Island, and DC
- committed myself to taking more international trips in the coming years
- saw my youngest sister get engaged
- saw my closest local friend get engaged
- settled into my 'new' job
- dealt with a bird mite invasion from hell
- joined a new gym
- (finally) found a food plan which keeps me slim, full (!), and energetic
- read 14 books, saw 36 movies, and watched innumerable hours of television
- watched USC go through a weird and wild college football season
- attended my first soccer match

Resolutions have never been a successful endeavor for me, but I do have a few specific goals for 2014:

- climb Mt Kilimanjaro
- improve my triathlon times at both the sprint and olympic distances
- take on more responsibilities at work
- continue to improve my running pace
- exceed my skiing vertical total from 2013
- keep my weight steady while continuing to improve my relationship with food and eating
- find an amazing dress for my sister's wedding XD

Given how little time I spent on LJ in 2013 I don't imagine this space will see many updates in 2014, but you can always find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Happy New Year!!

5 May 2013


this has been a pretty fantastic fannish week, no? the Trek cast is out and about and looking gorgeous and happy and giving lovely interviews. I can't believe it's been four long years and we're finally about to see this movie. I'm so fucking excited, not least because I'll be watching it with some of my favorite people in the world. woooo Vancouver!

and Iron Man 3! how great was that movie?? like, unexpectedly good. IM2 was not my cup of tea so I had low-ish expectations going in, but they knocked this one out of the park imo. my Tony feelings were completely overwhelming. it's a good thing full viewing of the credits is required at all Marvel movies 'cause I definitely needed the time to sit and process and flail via text/twitter. (and the after-credits scene was perfection)

in real life news, training for the triathlon starts in earnest this month. I did some actual, athletic swimming in the ocean this morning, for the first time in ages. most of my workouts this month involve combinations of things, like swimming then jogging, or a cycle class followed by treadmill running, and I'm intrigued to see how my body will respond. maintenance has been successful so far (yay!) so my food world is expanding again (double yay!). this may sound odd, but the feeling of being "full" has been so rare over the past 4-6 months that it's almost hard for me to recognize it, and therefore stop when I achieve it. my body/brain has become accustomed to asking for more food on an almost continuous basis (and reasonably so) which means some re-programming is in order. it feels like a different kind of self control, so we'll see how it goes.


6 April 2013


Bah. I had plans for more regular updates, but then had all these ~things that were up in the air and I didn't want to talk about them until they were more settled. But now I can share!

+ Work: I have a new job! One I'm really, REALLY excited about!! An old job alert email sent me an opening that, on paper, looked like a perfect fit so I took the chance and applied. The interview process was very positive, as was the offer I received, so I gave my notice this past week at my current position (which was also, happily, a positive conversation) and I'll start at the new office on the 23rd. YAY.

+ Training: After dropping within 3lbs of my goal weight, my body wigged out again and bounced back to a few lbs even with no misses on food or exercise while I was traveling. :( BUT my body fat percentage dropped and my trainer decided that was a good sign to try for maintenance at my current weight. All this is a long way of saying that a) I get to eat a bit more every day, b) I get a serving of quinoa or sweet potato every day and omg my tastebuds are so happy, and c) I'm more or less at the end of this weight loss journey. It's going to be a slow process of easing into a maintenance routine but I'm excited for a new phase. 'Final' stats for the past 18mos are 65lbs lost, body fat dropping from ~45% to ~18%, and the ability to run without dying. \o/

+ Related, I've decided to sign up for a sprint triathalon at the end of June! Anyone on the flist done one of these? It should be fun to train for. I haven't done serious swimming since I was on swim team in middle school, lol.

+ Travel: I had a wonderful visit to DC during the last week of March, even if it was freezing. (Actual snow! I mean, c'mon, what is that.) And I'm going to Vegas in two weeks for a family reunion on my Mom's side! I LOVE VEGAS. We'll be seeing the Cirque Beetles show and staying a new-to-us hotel and lounging by the pool and playing blackjack and I'm going to drink hard alcohol and we're having a reunion brunch at the buffet and it will be SO MUCH FUN. Then Vancouver in six weeks for Trek!!

+ Movies: The Hawai'i International Film Festival Spring Showcase starts this weekend. I have tickets to "Interior. Leather Bar.", "Mud", "The Fruit Hunters", "Somm" and a bunch of us local H50 peeps are going to see "Linsanity" on closing night, to support Brian Yang (Fong). Should be fun.

+ Also related, I saw "The Gatekeepers" last night and highly recommend it. The documentary interviews six of the past directors of Israel's Shin Bet regarding the agency's work and the history of Israel-Palestine since the Six Day War. Totally engrossing, and I was struck by how clearly these men could articulate their understanding and viewpoints and frustrations with the political, military and counterterrorism aspects of the conflic. They worked in a world built on shades of grey, rather black-and-white, and listening to their words in contrast to the day-to-day news was fascinating and frustrating. As I said on twitter, the historical complexities and emotions surrounding Israel-Palestine are endless interesting to me. Anyway, it's a great film and worth the 90mins of your time.

So that's me. Lots of life changes this month but all (hopefully) for the better. <3 to you all!

24 February 2013


Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb last weekend was great! Being lighter and stronger made me much more confident, which turned out to be helpful when exploring two new mountains. There were only a few near-cliff experiences. ;P And two thumbs way up for Canada. They even have apologetic buses which is maybe the best thing ever. "Sorry...Not in Service" - perfect. I'm really looking forward to going back to Vancouver in May and getting to see more of the city.

For the first time in years I've managed to see all of the Oscar-nominated films in the major categories: Best Picture, Director, all four Acting and both Screenplays. Plus the animated and live action shorts, which was a new experience for me and were all very good. It's fun to watch the telecast and feel like I have an informed opinion. Hard for me to chose between Zero Dark Thirty and Argo for Best Picture, so hopefully one of them pulls out the win. It's exciting how many races feel like they're up for grabs this year.

I came back from my trip to find almost 25 hours of tv on my DVR. I, uh, might need to cut down on the number of shows I watch, haha.

27 January 2013


I had all these nice plans to be on LJ more (and actually post!) but then my Mom came to visit and we went to Maui and I fell off the 'wagon' again, as it were. *sigh*

Maui was fantastic. We went zip-lining (it was Mom's idea even!), whale watching, saw the sunset atop Mt Haleakala, and spent a few quality hours at the spa. <3 Pictures!Collapse )

Of course H50 picks the weekend I'm away to show two new episodes in two days. The Chin-trapped-in-Halawa episode was A+++. Excellent ohana feelings. Still haven't seen 3x14 though; waiting until tomorrow night after I drop Mom off at the airport. Which means no rerun for me, haha.

Speaking of the show, the local H50 fans had a meet up yesterday with one of the show's directors, Jeff Hunt, who's currently in town filming an episode. We all met at local restaurant and sat and chatted with him for about two hours. SUCH a nice, smart, friendly, funny guy. He was candid and open and had lots of great stories and insights about television direction and the industry as a whole. Add in some of my favorite friends (and Dennis Chun!) and it was a stellar afternoon. (Michelle Borth even called in to say hello <333)

Trying to lose these last 5-7lbs is so. fucking. frustrating. It feels like my body is refusing to cooperate no matter what we do to get me on track, and that horizon line of FINALLY being on maintenance, instead of weight loss, seems to keep moving farther and farther away. Add to the continued frustration of WHERE on my body the weight does come off (ie not where I want it to disappear from) and it's been a rough few weeks. But onward and upward, eh? Suppose I just have to believe I'll get there in the end.

Hope you're all having lovely weekends. <3

31 December 2012


Year in review time, yes? Put simply, 2012 was the year I lost 50+ pounds, celebrated my sister's wedding, made some great new friends, said goodbye to 'Merlin', and rediscovered my love of Los Angeles. There are a lot of other meaningful memories contained within, but these are the things I think I'll remember most.

As for 2013, I think this is the year to start making some decisions. I've been coasting in many ways since arriving in Hawaii, and while it's been good for me so far I can't do it forever. How much longer do I want to stay here? What better job options might I find here? Do I want to go back to LA? If yes, when? In any case there's a lot to look forward to next year: trips to Vancouver (2!), Vegas, San Diego, and hopefully London. USC will open the next football season out here in September. NEW STAR TREK MOVIE. Going back to a 'normal' diet (finally omg).

So how about that 'Merlin' finale? Endless heart break jfc. :((( But at the same time it was a beautiful episode and Colin and Bradley did an incredible job. Knowing how the story always ends, I'm not sure I could have asked for anything more, and given how uneven the show has been in the past that's damn near a miracle. This was the first time I've had to say goodbye to canon since HP7 and I forgot how much it can hurt. Been a week and still not over it, sigh.

In happier news my Mom is coming to visit in a few weeks and we're going to Maui for the long weekend. Still haven't been over there so I can't wait. :)

Happy New Year my lovely flist! I wish all of you all the good things in 2013!! <3

28 November 2012


The new episode stills for H50 episode 3x10 are fantastic. They look so damn happy, with those goofy smiles. They a) make me kinda of giddy and b) make me miss my best friend something terrible. I don't know what we did to please the fannish gods, but the first half of this season has been filled with so many fluffy, happy moments between these two.

Also, we've decided the sweater Danny's wearing is directly related to the one in this fic: Tell me I'm wrong. ;D

H50 has been filming around our campus the past two days and I've been too busy to go take a look (sob, my life is a tragedy) BUT I'm about 99% sure I saw Daniel Dae Kim leaving my gym as I walked in earlier tonight. Goddamn that man is handsome.

That's all the randomness I've got for tonight. Carry on.

23 November 2012


I haven't been on LJ in forever. :(((

~ I ran my first half marathon last Sunday!! \o/ And my first 5k the weekend before. Both races went really really well, I was extremely pleased with my times (2:05:22 for the half, 26:11 for the 5k). I never, ever thought I'd be someone who enjoyed running, but. Here we are.

~ I went to LA for USC's homecoming two weekends ago and had a great visit. Two amazing LA trips in the past six months have made me rather homesick for the city. Thankfully my youngest sister is moving back so I'll have a good reason to visit more often.

~ Skyfall was SO SO SO GOOD. I've been poking around for some good Bond/Q fic because oh hell yes.


~ H50 has been a lot of fun so far this year. The show will always have its flaws but the chemistry between Scott and Alex gets me every damn time. They've been giving me all kinds of fluffy feels this season. <3 The twitter fandom causes me to shake my head more and more these days though. The fourth wall exists for a reason, people. :|

~ I'm three episodes behind on Merlin but the season has been good so far. More serious and dramatic than I was expecting, but I'm enjoying the subtle changes in the friendship between Merlin and Arthur. Actually been reading a lot of Merlin fic lately. They're still one of my favorite ships.

~ I'm back on the east coast for Thanksgiving (so cold and dark, omg) which reminds me that we got a preview of my sister's wedding photos from September and they're lovely: Read more...Collapse )

~ I have 2.5 weeks of time off at the end of the year and need to start planning some projects to keep myself busy. Maybe I can make a dent in the pile of unread books on my bookshelf. Reading on the beach is better than sitting around at home, right? :)

Hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving! <333

16 October 2012


Major hiking adventure this past Sunday! \o/ We drove over to Waianae side to hike Mt Kaala, the highest point on O'ahu at 4,025ft. The hike is ~7.5mi round-trip with an elevation gain of ~3500ft (aw yeah). The first half of the hike takes you through a valley and up the side of the mountain range to the ridgeline; the second half climbs that skinny ridgeline to the flat summit, where a really cool nature preserve/bog area awaits.

In other words, this trail will kick your ass. It was AMAZING.

Mt KaalaCollapse )

Still haven't watched last night's H50 or Saturday's Merlin. :((( HIFF is running this week, and trying to combine a movie each night (except Thurs) with normal workouts AND a house guest is a bit daunting.

6 October 2012


I haven't been posting much on LJ these past few months, because life has been exceedingly normal. Like, boring-to-anyone-but-me normal. The biggest thing in my life continues to be my adventures in weight loss, and sometimes that seems like a selfish thing to talk about? IDK. *waves hands*

My middle sister got married on Sept 16th and she and her husband (!!) were so happy, all during the rehearsals and the ceremony and the reception and just. It was lovely. The word doesn't seem like enough, but it truly was. <333

The reception went by in a blur, talking to family and friends-of-the-family whom I hadn't seen in at least a year, if not many many years. People were so generous in their compliments re: my appearance, though I felt a bit of a fraud having consumed TWO cupcakes and about four glasses of wine, ha. But hey, it was a celebration!

SOTB was fun, and I met a kindred fangirl soul who will be in town for the next few months. We're going to see "Perks of Being a Wallflower" later tonight. It seems like every new tidbit out of the H50 writer's room (or tweet from Lenkov) is total Steve/Danny fangirl bait, but I am not complaining. The boys will be stranded on a dinghy this week and I cannot fucking WAIT.

Most of my television shows are back. I didn't realize how much I missed Once Upon A Time until it came back. <3 I'm loving Last Resort and will probably keep up with Elementary and a few new sitcoms. Haven't watched the new Homeland yet and am about two episodes behind on Downton Abbey, but MERLIN IS BACK TODAY YAY!! Work has been slow lately so I've been reading PaperLegends stories and wallowing in Merlin/Arthur feelings. We Are All Diamonds by Footloose is one of the best fics I've read in ages and ages.

"A Casual Vacancy" is sitting on my coffee table (along with the final Artemis Fowl) but I've yet to pick it up. Soon!

USC's football team continues to give me gray hairs. I'm so excited to fly over for Homecoming in about a month. We got tickets to see "Book of Mormon" while I'm in LA. :)

The Hawai'i International Film Festival starts in about 10 days and I snagged tickets for six films: "The Sessions", "Keep The Lights On", "Silver Linings Playbook", "Struck By Lightning", "Cloud Atlas", and "The Thieves".

My youngest sister is coming to visit for a week before Thanksgiving and we've made plans to run a half marathon while she's here. My trainer has therefore given me ever-increasing distance/time goals for my long runs this month. It turns out mapping running routes on Google Earth is surprisingly fun. This week's goals will be 7.5mi/72min. \o/ I never thought running would be fun, but I'm (almost) ready to say yes, yes it is. And trail running! I've started doing early Sunday runs up Diamond Head and I genuinely enjoy it. So strange. We think I have ~15lbs still to lose and my goal is to have it off by the end of the year.

See? Totally normal and boring. ;P But normal is good. Hope you're all well, my wonderful flist.

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